An exclusive interview with Mademoiselle Slassi, designer of the World Chocolate Masters hat


BC : Mademoiselle Slassi, what did you like about creating the hat for the World Chocolate Masters?
Mademoiselle Slassi : “I enjoyed designing the Haute Couture hats for this competition because for the first time I had to make hats that were essentially unfinished: each hat was intended to be the foundation for other artists to express their creativity with their own material: chocolate!”

BC : In what way does this project differ from what you usually do? What was the biggest challenge about this specific hat?
Mademoiselle Slassi : “My primary concern was that each hat had to be made in such a way that it was both stylish and offered the mechanical support necessary for the chocolate decorations.
I chose to make a classical large brim hat, inspired by the famous hat worn by Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” with a contemporary twist by making it asymmetrical. I also chose Italian straw for its high quality, and the cream and brown colors to suggest white chocolate and dark chocolate.
Also, the quantity of hats I had to produce presented a challenge: 38 handmade hats, each one being identical! Because they were made for a competition, it was of course essential that all the competitors were starting with the same base. While 38 hats were made in total, only 19 are being used during the competition in October. The first 19 hats were shipped to each international competitor earlier in April, so each of them can experiment with the same hat they will be using for the competition itself.”

BC : What are your expectations in this project?
Mademoiselle Slassi : “Simply because of the international nature of this competition, I ultimately hope to greatly broaden my client base.”

BC : What do you hope to see in Paris next October?
Mademoiselle Slassi : "I will definitely eat a lot of chocolate !!!
But more seriously, I cannot wait to see what the 19 competitors are going to create with my hats, and I look forward to meeting each of them."

BC : Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
Mademoiselle Slassi : "I want to thank Barry Callebaut for this wonderful opportunity and their kindness and professionalism throughout this project."

Mademoiselle Slassi :

Mademoiselle Slassi, Milliner & designer of the World Chocolate Masters hat